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Special edition of Matthew Reilly’s ‘The Seven Ancient Wonders’

January 18, 2021

Announcing a special edition of Matthew Reilly’s The Seven Ancient Wonders

For the first time, we are releasing a special edition, with a new cover. This new hardback version of The Seven Ancient Wonders will be released on 30 March 2021.

This is the first book in the Jack West series, and with only one more book to go, this is the perfect time to get this and complete your collection.

You can catch a sneak peek of the latest Jack West book, The Two Lost Mountains here. And two FREE short stories from Matthew Reilly here.


Two thousand years ago, it was hidden within the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Now, in the present day, it must be found again…

Captain Jack West Jr – part soldier, part scholar, all hero. The odds are stacked against him and his loyal team: nine brave companions taking on the most powerful countries on earth.

From the pyramids of Egypt to the swamps of Sudan, to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the boulevards of Paris: the desperate race begins for the greatest prize of all: the power to end the world or rule it.


The Two Lost Mountains: A Jack West Jr Novel 6

The Three Secret Cities: A Jack West Jr Novel 5

The Four Legendary Kingdoms: A Jack West Jr Novel 4

The Five Greatest Warriors: A Jack West Jr Novel 3

The Six Sacred Stones: A Jack West Jr Novel 2

The Seven Ancient Wonders: A Jack West Jr Novel 1